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- Niceic Registered Tradesmen.

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Niceic electricians provide professional Niceic Tradesmen throughout the UK, who advertise within our Local Coverage pages.

Here you will find a safe and reliable Niceic qualified electrician, chosen to represent Niceic Electricians as a current member of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting [NICEIC].

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The Niceic Electricians website, (www.niceictradesmen.com) was set up to give customers an easy way to find their local Niceic Electricians & Niceic Electrical contractors, and a way for Niceic Electricians & Niceic Electrical Contractors to advertise their professional services to you the customer.

All Niceic Electrical Contractors and Niceic Electricians have been screened to ensure their membership in the Niceic, and only Niceic members are permitted to advertise on this site.

The reason we use Niceic electricians exclusively, is that the NICEIC is the UK electrical contracting industry’s independent voluntary body. The Niceic offer industry leading electrical certification services, Building Regulations Schemes, products and support to Niceic Electricians, Niceic Electrical Contractors and many other trades within the construction industry.

Over 25,000 electrical contractors are registered with the Niceic and take advantage of their products and services.

We here at Niceic electricians believe that NICEIC registration demonstrates to customers, a commitment by Niceic Electricians to provide a higher level of skill and professionalism, it also gives peace of mind that the products and services provided are the best in the industry.

Criterias to gain, or keep Niceic approved contractor status

Niceic Electrician

Niceic electrician - Criterias to gain, or keep Niceic approved contractor status

the Niceic electrician / field engineer will need to establish that the business has premises, plant, tools and materials appropriate to the range and scale of the electrical work undertaken.


Technical reference documents:
the Niceic electrician / field engineer will need to establish that, as a minimum, the business holds the latest edition of each of the following technical reference documents at its place of business;


Bs 7671:
current edition requirements for electrical installations (lee wiring regulations).
Memorandum of guidance on the electricity at work regulations 1989.


Niceic technical manual.
Niceic inspection, testing and certification book. The field engineer will also check that the business has other current publications applicable to the range of its electrical work (for example bs 5839: part 1: for fire alarm installations and bs 5266: part 1: for emergency lighting installations). Test instruments and leads the business must have an adequate number of serviceable test instruments and test leads appropriate to the range and scale of electrical work undertaken. These items need to be available for inspection by the field engineer, and subsequently for use on site by the qualified supervisor. As a minimum, the business needs to possess one or more instruments to provide voltage indication and for testing insulation resistance, and residual current devices. The Niceic field engineer will also check the effectiveness of the system in place to ensure the accuracy and consistency of test instruments.


Installation certificates issued to clients:
bs 7671: 2008 requires that an electrical installation certificate, together with a schedule of test results is issued to the person ordering the work following initial verification of all electrical installation work. Alternative, where appropriate, a minor electrical installation works certificate may be issued. The Niceic field engineer will wish to review a sample of certificates and reports issued since the previous assessment visitor prior to enrolment. A copy of all certificates issued prior to assessment visit needs to be made available at the commencement of the visit. If any Electrical Installation Condition Report [formerly Periodic Inspection], fire alarm, emergency lighting, portable appliance testing or other similar electrical work has been undertaken by your company, copies of the certificates and reports for the work also need to be available. Unused certificates - the pads of all unused Niceic electrical installation certificates, minor electrical installation works certificates, Electrical Installation Condition Report [formerly Periodic Inspection] and other specialised Niceic certificates, all need to be made available for examination by the Niceic field engineer. The qualified supervisor is responsible for safeguarding such unused forms against loss and misuse.


Public liability insurance:
- evidence of a minimum of two million pounds cover must be provided to the Niceic field engineer for the range of work undertaken by the business. Note: that it is public liability insurance, not employers liability insurance that needs to be checked. List of electrical work - a detailed list of all electrical work completed by the business since the previous visit, and of all work in progress, must be made available to enable the Niceic field engineer to select the samples of work to be assessed. The Niceic field engineer will normally select a minimum of three to six samples, of the range of electrical work carried out to visit for the assessment.


Record of complaints:
a record of all complaints made about the technical standard of the business electrical work since the previous visit, together with the details of the remedial action taken to resolve them, must also be made available for the Niceic field engineer to examine.


Access and transport arrangements:
the proposed qualified supervisor will be expected to make adequate arrangements for access to the electrical work at each of the sites or premises selected, and to accompany the Niceic field engineer to each of those places. Suitable transport and equipment (test instruments, hand tools, step ladder etc) for this purpose are required to be provided by the business.
The principal duty holder need not be present for these site visits. If there is insufficient work available within travelling distance on the day of the visit, one or more further visits may be necessary to complete the assessment, for which a fee is payable by the electrical contractor. Safety the Niceic is committed to safety. It is paramount that health and safety procedures are undertaken at all times during the assessment. Furthermore contractors are required to have a written health and safety policy statement and carry out risk assessments as appropriate for the visits undertaken. Competence of the proposed qualified supervisor - the Niceic field engineer will expect the registered qualified supervisor to demonstrate the correct use of test instruments and to interpret inspection and test results. If the qualified supervisor is not conversant with the requirements of bs 7671, or with the type of work undertaken, he/she many need to undertake further training and a further re-assessment will normally be required for which the contractor charge will be made.


Assessment report
the Niceic field engineer will compile an assessment report and issue a copy to the contractor at the end of the visit. The report will indicate the level of the business compliance with the rules. Any non-compliance with the rules observed will be recorded for action by the business. The principal duty holder and qualified supervisor will be required to install or improve systems to ensure that any recorded departures are not repeated.


Outcome of assessment - a completed assessment report will result in the Niceic field engineer making one of the following recommendations to Niceic head office.
non-compliances, appropriate remedial action must be taken regarding all items of non-compliance with the Niceic council rules which are covered in the report received by the contractor. major non-compliances - evidence must be provided to the Niceic field engineer within 30 days, to show that all major items of non-compliance of the Niceic council rules which have been recorded in the report issued, have been remedied. major non-compliances a re-visit may be required if one or more items of major non-compliance have been noted in the report. The Niceic field engineer will advise a date for a follow-up visit to confirm that appropriate remedial actions regarding all items of compliance have been completed.


The reason Niceic tradesmen only allow Niceic registered tradesmen to be used on this web site Most other conforming registered bodies will accept Niceic electrical companies onto their roll of contractors, and in most cases, without inspection, but this is not the case if application to the Niceic is requested as every Niceic electrician is expected to prove there competence on an annual basis meeting the criteria as listed above



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